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Online Security

At Pets Big Day Out we dedicate a lot of our time and resources to online safety and we also know that shoppers need to be informed. Whilst many people get great results from shopping online, there are a few who fall victim to internet fraud. For this reason we have compiled a list of hints and tips to consider when purchasing online:

Know your online retailer

It is generally a good idea to be familiar with the name or reputation of the company you are dealing with. Shopping from a reputable retailer will save you a headache or two when purchasing goods or services and by familiarising yourself with website delivery and return policies as well as security and privacy statements you can almost guarantee a smooth online purchase.

Is it genuine?

To ensure your safety online, be careful of websites that may not be genuine and set up to scam you. Please ensure that you are shopping safely online by sticking to the genuine The Pets Big Day Out brand, there may be imitators. The Pets Big Day Out website consists of the following:

The Pets Big Day Out –

Protect Your Privacy

By knowing what information an online retailer is collecting about you, how it will be used and if they share it or sell it to others plays a major factor in the threat of online fraud and general security. By checking that a website has a privacy policy you can be informed of how your information will be handled under that policy. Be cautious if you are asked about personal information which is not required when completing a purchase such as a social security number or personal bank account information.

Get the Details

Check for anticipated delivery dates, any shipping or handling costs, product warranties and other important information. Look for an email address to write to (or a phone number to call) if you have a question, a problem, or if you need help. Most reputable online retailers will offer some sort of email correspondence or customer care when purchasing via the internet.

Use a Credit Card & Safeguard your Password

By buying through registered companies using a credit card, you can avoid most problems as strong credit card policies are practiced and good systems of dispute resolution are widely used. Before entering your payment details, ensure there is a padlock Image of a padlock or a key symbol A key symbol, which are usually in the bottom corner of your screen that confirm you are entering your details in a secure environment. On a secure site, your information is scrambled into code, (encrypted) before being sent over the Internet, and stored on a secure database. By also keeping your passwords secret and not sharing them with other people you are safeguarding yourself from a lot of fraudulent activity. Choose a password that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and avoid choosing obvious words or dates such as a nickname or your birth date, as these are easier to crack. If you believe someone has learned your password you should change it immediately to avoid any possible risks.

Keep Good Records

Make sure to print or save electronically any records related to your online transactions. This will help you keep track of shipping dates, shipping and handling fees, and other details of your transactions. Pets Big Day Out automatically emails the purchaser with an Order confirmation be sure to print and save it.

Any Questions about how we protect Your Safety?

Feel free to also contact our customer service team via Email if you have any questions about how safe it is to purchase from Pets Big Day Out.


The easiest way to begin is to click on the item from our site that you would like to purchase.

Each product listing has an ‘Add to Cart’ button on the right hand side of the page. Click on this button and you will then be directed to the “checkout” where you can follow the prompts right through to payment.

If you experience any problems, simply email:

Viewing Orders

All of your order information can be found in the My Account section.

Simply log in and click on ‘View order history and track deliveries.’ Each of your past orders will appear on this page of the site.

You can view details of each order by clicking on the order number and you can also print tax invoices by clicking on the ‘Tax invoice’ link.

Updating Account Information

Register as a new user?

It’s completely free to register an account with us at Pets Big Day Out.

To sign up, please visit our Login/Register page (also found at the top of any page).

Simply enter your email address and preferred password into the ‘Are you a new customer?’ section and click ‘Register’.

You will then be able to start shopping with us right away!

Forgotten PetsBigDayOut account password!

We would firstly suggest that you double check your email address and password as they are both case sensitive.

If your login details are correct, simply click on the ‘Forgot password’ link on our login page under ‘Are you a Returning Customer?’ We will then email you instructions so you can reset your password.

Change my password on my PetsBigDayOut account?

Simply log in to My Account and click on ‘change password’ under ‘Your Account Options’.

Please be aware that your password is case sensitive. If you are experiencing problems re-setting your password, you may need to double check the casing.

Change the email address on my account?

Please visit the My Account section on our site and click on the ‘Change Email’ link under ‘Your Account Options.’

A confirmation email will be sent to your new email address which will request for you to activate these changes.