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Canex Multi Spectrum All Wormer for Medium Dogs. 1 tablet/10 kg bodyweight.
Administer whole, or crushed and sprinkled on food. Re-infestation by parasites can occur immediately after dosing at a rate dependent upon the degree of environmental contamination with worm eggs or larvae. Therefore, control of contamination and re-infection by use of an effective program of treatment is essential. Treat all dogs and cats in the household with an appropriate worming product.
Up to 12 weeks of age. Whipworms are not a problem in pups under 12 weeks, therefore Canex Puppy Suspension rather than Canex Multi Spectrum preparations are recommended in this age group. (Canex Multi Spectrum may be safely used in pups at the same dose rate, at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks of age if Canex Puppy Suspension is unavailable.)
Over 12 weeks of age. Whipworm is difficult to diagnose as faeces from infected dogs do not always contain whipworm eggs. Treat every 3 months.
Epidemics. Treat every 1 to 2 weeks.
Pregnant bitches. Treat at mating, before whelping and then every 3 months.