Fidos Flea Shampoo 5L


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Fido’s Flea Shampoo for cats and dogs 5L

Controls fleas and lice on cats and dogs. Does not control paralysis tick.

Fido’s Flea Shampoo is a mild formulation which has been especially prepared to produce a soft, lustrous coat, and to reduce animal odours.

Directions for Use: Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water, and apply shampoo at several places.Work into a good lather and massage well into the coat. Leave for 5minutes, rinse with clean warm water then dry thoroughly.

Precautions and Contradictions: Do not administer to sick or convalescing animals. Use with caution on puppies and kittens.

Do not contaminate food and water containers. May cause dribbling or unsteady gait in cats. If one or both occur, wipe off excess product and contact a veterinarian.