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It takes superior nutrition to meet the needs of a large breed dog, and Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Large Breed pet food has it. For puppies who will weigh more than 55 lb. (25 kg.) when fully mature, Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Large Breed pet food promotes healthy muscle and bone development as well as properly controlled growth so large breed puppies grow healthy and sound. It also includes a superior antioxidant blend for a lifetime of good health plus carnitine, a special nutrient shown to enhance bone strength and structure. It is enhanced with natural DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid vital in the development of the brain and nervous system in puppies.

Key Benefits

Recommended For:

Large breed puppies (over 55 lbs when adult) up to 1 year old.

Not Recommended For:

  • Pregnant or nursing dogs because of a lower energy density and lower calcium content (compared to Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Original). Pregnant or nursing dogs should be fed Hill’s® Science Diet Puppy Original or Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Small Bites.
  • Adult or mature adult dogs.


Superior Antioxidant Formula A higher level of vitamins E + C versus major competitive brands.
A powerful combination of antioxidants helps ensure that puppies develop a healthy immune system.
Antioxidants are known to help slow cell oxidation.
Enhanced with Natural DHA Important for brain and vision development.
High Carnitine Helps develop lean muscles and strong bones to grow healthy, vigorous puppies.
Promotes fat metabolism by working to turn fat into energy.
Supports a healthy heart and healthy liver function.
High-Quality Protein Helps build strong bones and muscles. Helps ensure optimal growth and development.
Nourishing Fatty Acids Help maintain proper function of nervous and immune systems, as well as promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Digestible Carbohydrates Supply abundant energy for active puppies, while promoting gentle digestion.
Vitamins and Minerals Provide an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals for growing puppies.
Naturally Preserved Mixed tocopherols (a form of vitamin E) preserve freshness and great taste.