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Micropore consists of a conformable, non-extensible non-woven fabric manufactured from 100% viscose, coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive. The tape is easily torn to length. Once applied to the skin, Micropore will withstand limited exposure to water without losing all of its adhesive properties. Because the tape is permeable to both water and water vapour, it will allow the passage of sweat and secretions from the surface of the body to the environment, preventing maceration of the skin.

The tape is radio-transparent, and may be sterilised by ethylene oxide. It is suggested that, if sterile tape is required, strips are removed from the roll and laid over a suitable carrier for introduction into the chamber of the ethylene oxide steriliser. It is important to ensure that any tape so sterilised is adequately aerated before use. Sterilisation of intact rolls of tape is not recommended.