Nutro Dog Adult Lamb & Rice 3kg


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Nutro ADULT DOG WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS™ – Lamb & Rice Formula 3kg


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Please note : As Nutro is preservative free, it may not be in stock in Vet Products Direct retail store. Please call in advance to ensure that your order for this product can be filled.


It’s a fact. Full-grown adult dogs need high quality protein to maintain their energy and overall health. That’s why great-tasting, pasture raised lamb is the first ingredient.

Real Lamb provides a high quality, great tasting source of protein and energy to build healthy muscles. We also use high quality ingredients, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, for a healthy immune system and overall cellular health.

With no added flavours, colours or preservatives and the best ingredients nature has to offer, not only will your dog enjoy the taste, but you’ll love the visible health benefits.





·        As the single meat protein source, our 1st ingredient is great tasting, pasture raised lamb – a high quality source of protein and energy to build healthy muscles

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