PAW Nutriderm Conditioner 500ml


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PAW Nutriderm Conditioner 500ml – by Blackmores

PAW NutriDerm® Replenishing Conditioner is an innovative, advanced way to moisturise and provide key nutrients to your dog’s skin as well as leaving the coat silky smooth and fresh. Containing advanced Cerasine® skin nutrient complex this product is suitable for dogs and cats with normal, dry and itchy skin.

Why use

pH balanced and veterinary recommended for pets with itchy, dry and normal skin. PAW NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner provides advanced pawDerm® skin care including:

·        Cerasine, an innovative skin nutrient complex: with ceramides and essential fatty acids (omega oils) to intensively moisturise the skin for optimal skin hydration and a healthy skin barrier.

·        Colloidal oatmeal: for soothing effect.

·        Moisturising & detangling ingredients for a soft manageable coat.

·        No artificial fragrances for a natural fresh scent.

Additional Information

In a healthy skin, key nutrients such as ceramides and essential fatty acids that are naturally present in th