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Tablets for Medium Dogs. Lufenuron 204.9 mg. 6 Tablets
Actions Flea development inhibitor. Lufenuron interferes with the production of chitin, the principal component of the arthropod exoskeleton. The compound is taken up by adult fleas when they bite treated pets. Eggs laid by these fleas will not hatch. The normal build up of the flea population and re-infestation is prevented.
Indications: Tablets – Monthly prevention and control of flea infestation and aid in control of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs.

Precautions: For best results treatment should begin at any time and continue all year round. The product does not kill adult fleas. Therefore, dogs and cats already infested with fleas may need to be treated with a flea adulticide during the first three or four months and occasionally during treatment. Treatment of the environment may also be necessary initially.

Dosage and Administration: All dogs and cats (except unweaned puppies and kittens) in the household must be treated.
Dosage: Give 1 tablet for med dogs from 6.8kg to 20kg

Tablets. Dogs. Administer every month with food. Mix with a portion of the daily ration or give by mouth after feeding.

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