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1. Q-drench is ideal as a quarantine drench to prevent the introduction of resistant worms onto your property.

2. Q-drench effectively fights single and dual resistant strains of Small Brown Stomach Worm and Black Scour Worm, and triple resistant strains of Barbers Pole Worm.

3. Q-drench will help you delay the development of resistance in a planned program on your farm.

4. Q-drench effectively kills Roundworms, Tapeworms, Liver Fluke (late immature and mature stages), Nasal Bot and Itch Mite.

Q-drench is a multi-combination sheep drench containing four different active ingredients from four different drench classes. These are:

Abamectin (1.0 g/L) from the macrocyclic lactone (ML) group
Albendazole (25 g/L) from the benzimadazole (BZ or white) group
Levamisole (40 g/L) from the imidazole (clear) group
Closantel (37.5 g/L) from the salicylanalide group

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