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Completely balanced wet food formula specifically designed for cats from neutering to 7 years of age.

Neutering has a big effect on hormone levels in cats and while these changes have many possible positive outcomes, like more sociable behaviour and longer life expectancy, there is one thing you should know.

As soon as 48 hours after surgery~, changing hormones can cause a cat’s energy needs to decrease by 30%^ but also increases their appetite by 20%*. This can lead to significant weight gain. The answer? A diet that’s precisely right for your neutered pet.

Neutered Adult Maintenance is a complete diet for adult male and female cats from neutering to 7 years old and it best suited to active cats with slightly higher energy requirements. 


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Water should be available at all times 

Closely monitor your cat’s body condition and pay regular visits to your veterinarian. Ensure your cat is always provided with clean, fresh water.

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