ShedEze deShedding Tool Large


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The PURINA SHEDEZE deShedding tool is available in three ergonomically designed sizes, and is easy to use. The innovative dual blade technology is effective on long and short haired dogs and cats, and with a simple adjustment to the comb, the deShedding tool is suitable for use on both fine and coarse hair. The SHEDEZE deShedding tool is carefully designed to easily remove your pet?s loose undercoat, without damaging the radiant topcoat. The ejector button will release excess hair as you go, making for a smooth and enjoyable process for you and your pet.

Over time, the deShedding tool will help to produce a healthier coat for your pet, reducing shedding by up to 90% with ongoing use. The effective, simple process of using the SHEDEZE deShedding tool will make home grooming time a great bonding experience for you and your pet, as well as helping make your home a healthier environment for those with allergies.