Simparica Small Dog 5.1-10kg Orange 3pk


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Simparica Small Dog 5.1-10kg  Orange 3pk

Simparica is a new innovative monthly tasty chew for dogs to keep on top of fleas, ticks, mange and mites that’s fast and lasts all month long.

Kills fleas fast and lasts for the full month

Starts killing over 50% of fleas within 3 hours with 100% fleas killed within 8 hours. Kills fleas fast before they can lay eggs, protecting pets and homes from flea infestation for 35 days.  

Kills the three key Australian ticks

Simparica keeps killing ticks fast all month long, minimising the risk of tick paralysis and illness. It protects dogs against paralysis, brown dog and bush ticks for 35 days.  

Extended ectoparasite spectrum including mange and mites

Simparica not only kills fleas and ticks, it’s also the only chewable for dogs that registered for effective treatment and control of sarcoptic mange, ear mites and demodex mites.  

Flea, tick and mite protection that works fast and lasts for 35 days

While Simparica is a monthly chew, it continues to protect for 35 days, an extra 4-5 days beyond the monthly treatment period. This benefits 4 out of 5 dog owners who admit to giving their flea and tick treatments an average of 5 days late. So dogs are still protected when owners are a few days late.

Tasty liver flavoured chew that dogs love with or without food

Simparica is a tasty liver flavoured chew that dogs love and it is readily consumed when offered as a treat.

Simparica can be given with or without food unlike some other treatments.

Ideal solution for dogs that require regular bathing

Simparica can be used as part of the treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis. Its systemic activity provides an ideal solution for dogs that require regular bathing.  

Well tolerated in dogs from 8 weeks of age and 1.3kg

Simparica is well tolerated in all breeds, including Collies and can be used in combination with other routine veterinary medications.