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An aid in treating nervous conditions and behavioural problems in horses that may result from dietary deficiencies of B group vitamins and magnesium.
A source of high doses of B group vitamins, tryptophan, magnesium and Protexin. Deficiencies of B group vitamins, in conjunction with low magnesium diets, are associated with nervous and temperamental changes in horses. Temperamental changes may adversely affect normal digestive function. Protexin helps restore normal gut microflora which is disrupted during periods of stress.

Scoop provided = 30 g. Mix thoroughly in feed.
Horses = 450 kg. 30 g/day. Horses under stress. 45 g/day. Ponies < 250 kg. 15 g/day.
Alternatively, a lower initial dose may be given and the dose increased to the full dose.