Triple Crown Click and Play Squid


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It works on the principles of operant and classical conditioning, but allows you to reward with food or interactive play. The Click and Play Squid can be used in several ways: to speed up learning by marking a behaviour with the embedded clicker and rewarding with food; incorporating a fun training element into your playtimes by marking a behaviour with the embedded clicker and tossing the squid toy as a reward; or to reward with interactive play instead of treats during training when treats are not available or if you are trying to reduce the use of them. In addition, the design allows for it to float in water and bounce in unpredictable ways your dog will love to chase. For medium to large dogs, this is truly a fun way to educate and exercise your dog.

NOTE – No dog toy is indestructible. Please supervise your dog’s use of this toy. Unfortunately we cannot offer a replacement or refund if the toy is damaged or destroyed.